Cheshire Film and Photography
At Cheshire Film & Photography we love to create short promotional films and bespoke professional photography that will help you to market your business and to connect with potential customers through websites, blogs and social media.
. Adding video to your website will increase your chances of being found on Google.
. YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google.
. Customers often connect with and are more likely to remember a compelling story.
. Opportunities to use video are increasing across a range of social media platforms.
. Customers find watching video on a mobile phone easier than scrolling through text.
. Customers often find products and services easier to understand after watching a video.
. Today's customers want professionally produced authentic content, so that's what we do!  
Cheshire Film & Photography offer cost-effective, creative visual content and we take this philosophy a step further by offering discounted Visual Marketing packages including Documentary style promotional films, Videoads and Photography.
Videoads up to 59 seconds, fully edited c/w licensed music and graphics = £150.00
VideoadsPro up to 59 seconds, fully edited c/w licensed music and graphics = £250.00
A two hour personal branding / business portrait / stock photography shoot = £250.00
Social Media branding session / including social media content creation = £450.00
Commercial / Corporate / Event Photography = £500.00 per day
Commercial / Corporate / Promotional Video (fully edited) starts from = £500.00
Content delivered through digital transfer (e.g. Dropbox)
Fees quoted above are based on shooting in one location, additional fees may be charged for travel, accommodation, additional filming/editing, presenters/voiceovers, enhanced graphics, subtitles/closed captions, commercial music and drone footage. Additional fees may also be charged for commercial licensing when using stock footage.
Bespoke, custom quotes are available upon request as are day rates and half-day rates for conference and events. For more information and for details about our discounted package pricing, please contact Paul on 07969 054778 or email:

Cheshire Film & Photography - Visual marketing for your business.