High Impact, Low Cost Video

Designed For Social Media


If you use social media to promote your business, to launch a product, to promote an offer or simply to increase brand awareness, the question is always how do I make my content stand out from the overwhelming noise on social media feeds? 

The solution?  Videoads from Cheshire Film & Photography

Videoads form part of our visual marketing strategy, this also includes documentary style promotional videos, personal branding photography, headshots, product shots and bespoke stock photography.


Videoads look different, sound different and are .. well different! And this is why Videoads stand out on your social media feed. When you scroll down your social media feed all you see are repetitive text posts, photo posts and video posts, after a while they tend to blend into the background.


With Videoads, the square format, visual effects and music are all designed to stop viewers from scrolling past and to make your potential customers stop and look! What's more, you can create Videoads based around your own branding, colour scheme and logo and that is because a Videoad from Cheshire Film & Photography is not just a template, it's created just for you and your business, totally bespoke and unique. 

Please press play to view these example Videoads below and if you like what you see (and hear) then please get in touch, contact Paul on 07969 054778 or email: info@cheshirefilmandphotography.com to see how Videoads can help your business stand out and get noticed on social media.

Videoads and Videoads Pro

The thinking behind Videoads is to create a cost-effective product, while also creating a unique visual presentation which stands out on a social media feed. To achieve this we invite you to supply the content, e.g. your own photos or video and we will repackage your content in our videoad format, c/w your logo, contact information and call to action. Alternatively if you don't have your own content then we can source fully licensed stock footage similar to the Aspire example, please note that an additional fee for commercial licensing may apply depending upon the content required.

With Videoads Pro we take this to the next level, we will create the content for you including both photography and video footage. So if you don't have your own content to use or you would prefer that we create professional looking content for your videoad then no problem, we have that covered with our Videoads Pro option.

For Videoads and Videoads Pro pricing options please click here: information

8 Tips for shooting video on your mobile phone

Your free guide to shooting video on your mobile phone

Our Videoad used to promote the free to view

8 Tips for shooting video on your mobile phone

If you visited this web site because you have seen our Videoad promoting our free to view film '8 Tips for shooting video on your mobile phone' then consider the fact that this proves that Videoads are effective in engaging and promoting real actions. The key ingredients are an interesting offer with a clear call to action, all packaged in the Videoad format for maximum visual impact on social media.

We hope that you find the information on the film useful and if you have any further questions or need further advise about shooting video on your mobile phone then please feel free to get in touch, contact Paul on 07969 054778 or email: info@cheshirefilmandphotography.com 

Videoad Examples