Bespoke video and photography training.

At Cheshire Film and Photography we would always recommend professional photography and video for your main web site and marketing material. It sends out a clear message that you take your business seriously and therefore so will your potential clients or customers. That said, we do understand that sometimes it is easier and more convenient to create your own content however options such as Facebook Live isn't for everyone, as a poorly presented, shaky video with bad audio may come across as amateurish and could harm your brand or simply make your content boring and difficult to watch.

So at Cheshire Film and Photography, we would like to offer you another option by way of video and photography training sessions including one-to-one training for individuals, businesses or for school and college staff looking to create content for social media, school assemblies and open evenings. We can create bespoke training to meet your business or school's requirements whether you want to create better-looking video and photography with just your phone or have invested in a DSLR and need advice on creating, shooting and editing your visual content. Whatever your requirements please call Paul on 07969 054778 and let me discuss how I can help you to create better photography and video content with my bespoke, friendly and easy to understand training sessions.

To find out more please call 07969 054778 or email:

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Improve your own photography skills and take pictures like these for your own school, college or business.