Three simple and effective video ideas for your business.

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

‘.. With more people viewing web sites on mobile phones and tablets, video offers the perfect solution to encourage interaction and engagement in three key areas ..’

Company Profile – Sometimes described as a video business card, a short, professional video can inform the viewer about your company, who you are, what products or services you offer and why your products or services are different from the competition. These types of videos can also include your company contact details and a call to action.

Client Testimonials – A really powerful marketing tool, allowing satisfied customers to tell your potential customers all about your products or services and how great the customer experience is. Such videos can be used multiple times across a broad range of social media platforms, blogs and web sites.

Social Media Content – What are the most common questions asked by your customers? Why not answer these questions via a series of short videos which can be shared across multiple social media platforms, web sites and blogs. This increases brand awareness and customer trust so that when the time is right a potential customer will choose your business over the competition.

Visual Marketing is essential for any business web site, blog or social media page and with prices starting from £500.00 for a short, fully edited video you can create ongoing, visual content to promote your business. Cheshire Film and Photography also offer discount packages for video and photography should your require business portraits, location photography or product photography for example.

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A company profile video designed not only to inform the viewer who Ravenspoint Marketing is and why their service is different from other marketing companies but also to offer an insight into business owner, Lucy's warm and friendly personality.

Client testimonial or case study - In this video, Lucy describes the clients brief and her approach to creating a solution for her client's requirements, we then hear from the satisfied client describing the customer experience and why she is pleased with the results.

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