How professional editing can improve your video content?

Updated: Feb 6

At Cheshire Film and Photography we would always recommend having a professional shoot your photography or video footage as we have the experience and skill set along with a range of camera equipment and lenses to produce professional, creative content time and time again. That said, we do understand that sometimes due to logistics, location, time and other factors it might be easier to shoot initial footage yourself using a mobile phone for example. However, the results can often be disappointing and this is because you are left with long, continuous, sometimes shaky and incoherent footage.

This is where the Cheshire Film and Photography editing service can help. If you are planning to shoot your own footage for an upcoming project then please contact Paul on 07969 054778 before you begin. This is important because a vital part of the editing process actually begins in the planning process. Before you begin your project we can advise you on how to construct your shoot for a more successful outcome, in fact, if you want more detailed and one-to-one training whether you are shooting on a mobile phone, DSLR or mirrorless camera then we also offer bespoke photography and video training, you can find out more here: Cheshire Film and Photography Training

Once you have completed your shoot we can use the raw footage and assemble the content to create a cohesive storyline which delivers your business message or tells the story of your special event. We can colour correct and adjust exposure to enhance the footage and we use specialised software to stabilise any shaky footage. We can also improve audio content and add professional touches like lower third graphics and titles. For an additional fee, we can add fully licensed music, this allows you to use your video for commercial purposes on your web site, blog or social media. And at Cheshire Film and Photography we are always happy to collaborate and assist with your project, for example, we could film an interview or add additional footage which we can integrate with your original video content to produce a professional finish to your film.

Whatever your requirements we are happy to help so please contact Paul at Cheshire Film and Photography on 07969 054778 or email:

In this example, we mixed footage shot by Cheshire Film and Photography including action shots, interviews and photographs along with GoPro footage shot by Adrian himself. The GoPro footage was shot during Adrian's remarkable journey from 'Lands End to John O'Groats' and often while he was travelling at speed so we used specialist software to first stabilise the footage before integrating it as part of the overall video.

We can assemble your raw footage into a cohesive storyline
We can colour correct and adjust exposure to enhance your footage
We can improve audio quality
We can stabalize hand held or GoPro footage

Video editing by Cheshire Film and Photography

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